Understanding your Human Design Type

Your Human Design Type is the broadest aspect of how you are energetically designed to engage with the world around you. It’s the first thing we look at within the Human Design system, and it determines your Strategy; the way for you to operate in the world without resistance, become aligned with your authentic self, and “win” in life.

The following analogy, which I learned (and tweaked) from Brittany Eastman, can help with understanding your Type and how you are designed to fit into and contribute to the collective.

The Manifestor, as an initiator, forms an idea and is designed to make it happen. The Manifestor informs everyone “I’m going to go on a day trip to the forest today, it’s going to be epic and so much fun! I’m not sure how I’ll get there yet, but will work it out. Who’s in?”

The Generator is designed to respond to what comes towards them in their external physical reality. Our Generator responds to the Manifestor’s idea with excitement: “That sounds awesome! Count me in! I’ve got a car, so I can take a carload of us.” The Generator helps the Manifestor fulfil the vision because she has a vehicle that can drive them to the destination, and the key to her ignition is her excited response. The Generator also has a GPS system fitted in her car, so she has the ability to get to the destination in a focused and direct manner.

The Manifesting Generator (MG) is also designed to respond. “Yes! That sounds ace! I’m in too! I’ve got a car as well, I’ll take the second carload.” The MG has rounded up her passengers & driven down the street before the Generator is even off the couch. The MG’s vehicle doesn’t have a GPS; she wings it, knowing that she will find her way there. If the MG gets 2 minutes down the road and her car’s engine warning lights up because the motor is on the verge of dying, she’s realised that actually, she’s not so excited about this day trip now after all. At that point, it’s important for the MG to take the passengers back home so they can catch a lift with someone else, otherwise they’ll all end up stranded and no one will be happy.

The Projector is the person in the traffic report helicopter, who hovers in the sky looking down upon the road network, and with her unique perspective she’s able to see where the traffic jams are. She broadcasts her traffic report via the radio, into the vehicles of the Generators and MGs who are tuned in and receptive, offering advice and guidance on which roads to avoid and which route to take in order to arrive at their destination in the most efficient time possible.

The Reflector works at the roads authority, in the control room, in front of the wall of screens that display the live feed of all the CCTV cameras situated across the entire road network. Her computer is hooked up to all the incoming information about the road system, so she has an amazing overview of how well it’s working; she’s tapped into the general condition or health of the road system as a whole, enabling her to provide reports for the roads authority so that issues can be addressed and improvements made.

This analogy demonstrates how each Type works together in co-operation and synergy. Each with their own role to play, they have a unique contribution to make to the collective. No one Type is better or worse, more or less valuable, or more or less desirable. They’re all unique in their own incredible way, with their place in society, and if they try to force their way outside of that natural and inherent way of operating in the world, they’ll encounter resistance and struggle.

Please keep in mind, this is a basic analogy to kickstart understanding of Type. It’s not about imposing limits on what a person is capable of. It’s important not to jump to conclusions about what people can or cannot do or achieve based on Type, without a deeper understanding of the nuances of their Human Design and consideration of their unique attributes; Type reveals how we best engage with the world, but it’s such a small part of who we are as individuals.

Discover your Type by generating your free Human Design chart at

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Why do the planets influence our energy?

As a soul, you chose to incarnate on earth at this time. You wanted to be here, you had reasons for choosing to be here, you had things that you wanted to experience.

Your soul chose a portal in time through which you would be born, during which you would be encoded with all the energies necessary to fulfill those desires, to fulfill your life’s purpose.

That portal was your precise time of birth.

The breath of the stars streaming through you in that moment, bringing with it the material information imparted by the configuration of the planets it passed through along the way, encrypted specific cosmic energies into your being. Human Design allows us to explore those energies that you were born with.

This “breath of stars” is a stream of miniscule cosmic messengers called neutrinos. Numbering in the billions, neutrinos produced by our sun, the stars of the Milky Way, and Jupiter, pass through every part of us and our planet in every moment of every day, carrying and imparting material information as they go.

This celestial information steam has travelled via the planets, picking up information from them as it goes. When the neutrino stream arrives on Earth, it imparts this material information it collected from the planets, as it passes through us.

The moment of our birth, being a significant timestamp in our earthly experience, is recognised as also being a significant neutrino imprinting moment, where we are encoded with the energetic information carried by the neutrino stream from the planets, to form our conscious personality energetic design aspects.

Three months prior to our birth is also recognised as a significant neutrino imprinting moment, where we are encoded with the energetic information to form our unconscious design energetic design aspects.

Where the planets were situated in these two key moments determines the nature of the energetic information picked up and imparted by the neutrino stream, and hence which gates and lines – energetic themes – are activated in our Human Design chart.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

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You were born for this

You were born for this.

You are equipped with everything you need to make sovereign, aligned choices.

Now more than ever, whilst the world yells about misinformation, trusting the experts, and not doing your own research, you need to make sovereign, aligned choices.

Now more than ever, when you can get lost down a rabbit hole of information, evidence, statistics and opinions, you need to make sovereign, aligned choices.

Now more than ever, as logical, black and white, definitive, blanket approaches prove futile, you need to make sovereign, aligned choices.

Now more than ever, as you perhaps feel yourself going against the grain, you need to make sovereign, aligned choices.

Now more than ever, as you face choices that perhaps don’t feel easy to make, you need to make sovereign, aligned choices.

Now more than ever, in the face of propaganda, coercion, manipulation, opposition, criticism, shaming & division, you need to make sovereign, aligned choices.

Now more than ever, you need to trust in your own discernment, in your body wisdom, in how your soul consciousness communicates with you. Trusting in your connection to a higher source has never been more critical.

Now more than ever, as this ride gets more and more wild, you need to make sovereign, aligned choices.

Know that you were born for this.

Know that you are equipped with everything you need.

With love, from Rachael x

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What is the significance of your Human Design chart?

The Human Design system is all about energy.

Your Human Design chart is an energetic blueprint. It represents the energies you have reliable and consistent access to, the energies you don’t have consistent and reliable access to, and the energy circulation through your system.

This knowledge provides a framework for how you best operate in and interact with the world around you.

Each gate in the HD chart represents one of the 64 archetypal energies laid out in the ancient Chinese I’Ching.

According to the HD system, humans have the potential to access each of these 64 energies. The chart show us which of these 64 energies we have consistent and reliable access to, and which we have inconsistent and unreliable access to.

But it’s more nuanced than just a combination of 26 activations of these 64 energies.

The gates are broken up into 6 lines represented by the hexagram lines of the I’Ching; the line placements of each of your activations therefore give one of six different influences to how each of your gate energies is expressed.

The energies are also flavoured depending on which celestial body is activating it, determining what that energetic theme means for you.

When there are gate activations that form a channel, that creates an additional energy that is consistent and reliable within you. The channel is also a communication link between centres, making the energetic themes of those centres consistent and reliable for you.

The specific combination of uniquely flavoured and expressed energies you have, and the configuration of your circuitry that determines your energy flow, is what makes you operate in your unique way.

Add to all of that, the fact that every single energy can be expressed on a frequency spectrum, from shadow to gift to full embodiment.

Are you getting an idea of how complex and nuanced your energetic makeup is, and how it might be expressed in any given moment?!

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How is your Human Design chart determined?

Your unique Human Design chart is based on the position of the sun, earth, moon, lunar nodes, and planets of our solar system, at the time of your birth.

The Human Design system uses the Rave Mandala to represent the space of the orbits of the celestial bodies within our solar system, split into:

  • Astrological signs (inner wheel)
  • Gates (based on the I’Ching) (middle wheel)
  • Lines (based on the lines of the hexagrams of the I’Ching) (outer wheel)
Source: Jovian Archive

The position of the sun, earth, moon, lunar nodes, and planets at the time of your birth, as well as 3 months prior to your birth, is mapped onto the Rave Mandala.

These 26 placements at these 2 key times activate gates, and lines within the gates. See my chart below, and note the activated gates (coloured wedges / spokes of the wheel), the celestial bodies and lunar nodes that are activating them (the symbols sitting in the spokes), and which astrological sign they sit in (zodiac symbols in the inner wheel). For example, the sun was placed within gate 2 at the time of my birth, which is in the sign of Taurus.


These gate activations are transcribed onto the BodyGraph – the visual representation of your energetic flow. They determine your activated channels – 2 activated gates joined together.

You can see below that my activated gate 2, located at the bottom of the yellow diamond (G Centre) in the middle of my BodyGraph, is connected to my activated gate 14, located at the top of the red square (Sacral Centre), creating a channel.

Your activated channels determine your “defined” Centres (which are based on the chakra system). So my activated channel comprised of gate 2 and gate 14, gives definition to my G-Centre (the yellow diamond that gate 2 sits in) and my Sacral Centre (the red square that gate 14 sits in).

Think of the BodyGraph like an electrical circuit board; the activated gates are like electrical wires, and when connected, they “switch on” the definition of the Centre, represented by the Centre being coloured in.

The configuration of your defined Centres and channels determines your Human Design Type; Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, or Reflector.

It also determines your Definition (single, split, triple split, quadruple split).

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A Permission Slip to Just. Be. You.

Being seen for who you truly are.

Seen. Acknowledged. Recognised. Confirmed. Affirmed.

Having your existence, the truth of the human your soul chose you to be, witnessed by another, and reflected back to you.

A beautiful thing occurs: you come to see for yourself the truths that you’ve been blind to.

The truth of the things you’ve made wrong about yourself, that you’ve tried in vain to change. The truth of things you’ve tried to force yourself to become.

You receive a permission slip to let all that go, and to Just. Be. You.

And you chuckle at the ludicrous notion that you even needed such a permission slip. That who you are could ever be anything other than divine perfection.

Human Design shows you the truth that you actually knew all along, you just couldn’t see it.

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Know Thyself

No one can ever know you better than you know yourself.

And yet, how well do you know yourself?

Human Design doesn’t tell you who you are. With roughly 250 humans born every minute across the world, there are hundreds of people with the exact same Human Design chart as you, and yet each one of you are not the same.

Human Design does tell you the energetic gifts that you were born with, that you have consistent and reliable access to. It does tell you how you are designed to energetically engage with the world around you.

Experimenting with the application of this knowledge in your everyday life brings you into energetic correctness, into soul alignment. This is what will ultimately illuminate the truth of who you are, that you already knew on some level, but perhaps didn’t have the audacity to admit to yourself, let alone anyone else.

Human Design is a framework to know thyself. It cuts through the conditioning, the fears, the projections, the beliefs, the perceived limitations, to shine a light on You, in all of your divine glory.

Human Design holds the potential of affirming your divine magnificence. The ultimate permission slip to be yourself.

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You Are Divine

Your inherent divinity warrants reverent honouring.

We build temples, churches, cathedrals, in honour of God. I invite you to consider that you, as a glorious beam of light emanating from Source, are that divinity we so revere.

YOU, at your most inherent essence, are DIVINE.

Can you even fathom it?

Your Human Design chart reveals the specific energetic gifts your soul intentionally chose for you to possess during your life on earth. These energies were chosen such that you would be equipped with everything necessary to live out the experiences your soul was seeking in choosing to incarnate; the purpose for your life.

A Human Design reading offers you a personalised “Users Manual for the Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience”. It spells out the energetics your soul chose for you, and guides you towards alignment with that which you inherently know is your truth.

Interpreting your Human Design chart is a sacred privilege. I get to see and share with you the awe inspiring divine perfection of the energetic design your soul crafted for you. I get to support you in unshackling from all that isn’t in energetic integrity, guiding you to step into the magnificence of alignment with how your soul intended for you to BE in this human experience. Less resistance. More flow. Fulfilling the desires of your soul. Lit up by the power of the divine presence shining through your being.

Discovering your unique Human Design is an opportunity to honour your divinity.

“Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire.” ~ St Catherine of Sienna

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You are divinely & exquisitely unique

I’ve felt broken, lost, inferior, dumb and unworthy so many times.

These feelings have cascaded into frustration, confusion, despair and depression.

I’ve expended mammoth amounts of energy desperately trying to get my shit together over the years, in an attempt to overcome all of these feelings.

I’ve expended vastly more energy feeling devastated that my efforts were in vain.

My foray into Human Design is bringing me so many gifts, but perhaps the biggest so far has been a sense of revelation, validation, and relief, from learning to truly understand that what works for some, won’t work for everyone.

The science of differentiation.

My unique Human Design has shown me:

  • Why I get frustrated (I am a Generator, and my strategy is to respond).
  • Why I get confused and lack clarity (I have 5 defined centres loudly vying to dominate my decision making; the spleen, sacral, solar plexus, head and root).
  • Why I need time to process information (I have triple split definition).
  • Why I need time to make decisions (I have emotional authority).
  • Why I often feel unworthy, and why I often feel the need to prove myself (I have an undefined ego).
  • Why I’ve felt like a failure for having experienced so many “false starts” (I have the 3/5 profile).
  • Why I sometimes don’t get heard, and why I sometimes don’t know when to STFU! (I have an undefined throat)
  • Why I’ve been so obsessed with finding my purpose, and why I’ve felt so lost and dead inside when I’ve tried to let go of that obsession (I have a defined G centre).

These words, from my Human Design chart via pierce deep into my soul:

“If you ignore what you know deep inside to be true about yourself and compromise your internal sense of direction yielding to the expectations of others, this can lead you to experience a loss of identity and futility regarding your mission in life. … Don’t let your mind make you believe you are lost or have no place or direction in life.


Human Design is my coming home.

This exquisitely intricate, esoteric yet pragmatic system offers customised guidance on how to engage your magnificently differentiated energetic design.  This allows you to find more ease, grace, and flow; life just works.  It allows you to experience peace, satisfaction, success, and delight.  You just feel good.  And as a result, you’ll inevitably find yourself living out your life’s purpose.  No need to obsessively seek it out.

I’m so freakin’ lit to be deep diving into the world of Human Design.  My Human Design Reader Training Level 1 is almost complete, and I’m so excited for what’s coming next!

Image credit: Fire by Zdenko Zivkovic. Used under license.
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I’m angry.

It used to be that I could go about my business, taking responsibility for my health in a way that is contrary to mainstream western medicine, and it was nobody else’s concern. 

Contrary to mainstream western medicine that was failing me miserably. 

Contrary to regular western medical doctors who gave me no options, who didn’t explain the full implications of my various diagnoses and medications. 

I took responsibility for my own health. I discovered that there were other ways. I looked deeper, I educated myself, I sought better healthcare (rather than sick care) support. And in doing so, I reversed chronic so-called irreversible disease. All because I decided to stop deferring my health and future to an external “authority”. 

This doesn’t make me a health expert, medical expert, or public health expert. But it does give me a perspective that many – most – don’t have. 

My experience gives me a perspective that there are other ways. That mainstream western medicine can be incredible in acute care situations, but that it falls appallingly short in terms of health. That pharmaceuticals can be life saving, but come with a hefty price. That pharmaceutical companies wield inordinate power. That we must advocate for ourselves. That we must be self-responsible for our health. That prevention is better than cure, and more importantly that proactively building foundational health is the best prevention. 

This experience and perspective has primed me to ask questions about the public health measures and mandates being enforced. To look beyond the information being fed by the mainstream media, and question their motives for doing so. To question the motives and appropriateness of the government determining public health measures. To question the implications of such measures for the health and wellbeing of myself and my family. To question the manipulative tactics being employed by government, media, and authorities.  To question the rampant censorship. To learn about how other countries are managing this situation. The way I see it, this whole situation has little (to nothing) to do with health, and everything to do with politics and money.

Whilst my ego would love to debate all the reasons why I think I’m right, that’s not really helpful, it would take me a month, and it isn’t the point. 

The reason I’m so angry is because it used to be that I could go about my business, taking responsibility for my health in a way that works for me and my family, but now to do so means that simply being in public is fraught with potential judgement, confrontation, criticism, anger, hostility and objection, and the stress all this induces. The viciousness I’ve witnessed is abhorrent. The discrimination is disgusting. The righteousness is offensive. 

I’m angry, because it now takes so much effort to live my life in the way I choose without having to face this stress. I’m aware that this is a privileged “problem” to be facing, and yet I’m incensed anyway because from my perspective, the freedom to live our lives in the way we choose is being systematically stripped away for a contrived cause. Incensed because to those who think differently to me, the previous sentence is utter insanity and disgracefully selfish, and apparently worthy of being censored, for the so-called protection of others. 

Incensed because the possibility that unless we line up for the jab, we will be prevented from engaging in numerous activities, is seemingly becoming more likely.

Incensed because this whole situation ignites such passionate opposition and division, because we can barely – if at all – entertain the idea of comprehending an opposing perspective. 

Incensed, and devastated, that brilliant, experienced, highly qualified, caring experts, who have contributed so much to improving the health and lives of countless others through education on foundational health, reducing dependence on pharmaceuticals and medical care, are being censored for sharing information, backed by rigorous science, that can save lives. 

Raging because self responsibility for health is being demonised, whilst subservience, deference and reliance on government and medical authority to save us is being venerated as the moral obligation of selfless humanitarians.

I don’t know the solutions. I’m so angry, but I’m doing my best to be considerate, compassionate, and understanding of other perspectives, even when those perspectives seem unfairly critical of mine.  I must give voice to my rage, so I don’t self-combust, and so that it may be alchemised into a beautiful vision for what is possible for humanity. 

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