Human Design Authority – your inner decision making authority

For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt trepidation in my decision making. Over-analysing, over-thinking, and hoping I’ve made the right choice, have been my default.

The spiritual and self-help world taught me that aligned decisions are not made through the intellect and mind; they are not the domain of the soul.

Whilst this message resonated, and I understood the head is not for decision making, I was confused about how to tap into my soul’s guidance: should I go with my gut feeling, follow my heart, or trust my intuition? What was the difference? What about when they contradicted each other? Why did it feel difficult to effectively tune into this communication?

Understanding my Human Design has gifted me some insight as to why I have felt so much confusion around my decisions. Even better, it has given me the tools to reliably make correct, aligned decisions from my own unique body wisdom.

Whilst this is something I’m still learning to lean into given a lifetime of conditioning, it is such a relief to finally let go of the constant unease around my every move.

This is available to all of us.

It’s found in your Authority.

Your Human Design Authority is your inner decision making authority, which tells you how to reliably make energetically correct, aligned decisions.

The soul alerts the body way before the mind can intellectualise what the soul desires, so our mind and logical thinking is never our decision making authority! But where within our body we can reliably tap into to experience this soul communication is different for different individuals, dependent upon our Design which shows us the energies we have consistent and reliable access to.

There is a hierarchy of Centres that determine your Authority; whichever Centre you have Defined (coloured-in) that is highest in that hierarchy, is your Authority.

To find out your Authority, generate your free Human Design chart at here.

Solar Plexus: You are designed to take your time when making decisions, to wait through your “emotional wave” and make your decision from a place of emotional neutrality. Making rash decisions from an emotional high or low, no matter how sure you believe you are in the moment, is a risky move. For you, there is no reliable truth in the now. Get comfortable with the phrases “I’ll get back to you,” “Let me sleep on it,” and “I’m going to give myself some time to make my decision.”

Sacral: You are designed to go with your gut feeling. This is a very “in the moment” decision making authority, that operates in response to what you are presented with. You either feel an openness and expansion towards something, or a closing and contraction away from something. It’s a yes/no, either/or way of operating. Remember to remain present to what you’re feeling right now, don’t get caught up in your head with future tripping and worry.

Spleen: You are designed to make decisions based on an instantaneous intuitive inner knowing. There is no logic to your authority, so if you are reasoning out your decision, you know you’re off track. This can be challenging to surrender into within our society and programming, so it might take you some time to practice, starting small. It’s also an incredibly fleeting feeling; blink and you’ll miss it. You’ll need to develop a sense of what it feels like in your body, so that you can recognise it and allow that recognition and confidence in it to build over time.

Ego/Heart: Also known as Ego Projected or Ego Manifested Authority. You are designed to be led by your heart. It’s all about you, your ego, what you want, the desires of your heart. It can feel almost criminal or scary to start operating in this way, given that it’s about self-prioritisation. It may be a learning curve to release the compulsion and expectation to prioritise everyone else above yourself. For Ego Manifested Authority, talking your decisions out will be helpful whether to yourself or with a trusted confidante, not for others to provide input but for you to hear your heart articulating through your voice, where your desire and passion can be communicated.

G Centre: Also known as Self Projected Authority. You are designed to make your big decisions in life based on what you are being magnetically drawn towards. You project your direction in life, and tuning into that will align you with your correct decisions. To connect into this self-projection, you need to talk your decisions out, whether to yourself or with a trusted confidante, not so they can provide input but so you can hear your identity speaking through your voice and tune into the direction it is taking you. Be sure not to make rash decisions, no matter how sure you’re feeling, without first talking them out; you could find yourself being pointed in a different direction.

Ajna: Also known as Mental Authority or Sounding Board Authority. You don’t have consistent and reliable access to body wisdom for your decision making; you rely upon your energetic openness from below the throat. You are designed to make decisions by carefully curating your inner circle of trusted relationships, and then using them as a sounding board for your decision making, where you lead the conversation and invite them to productively contribute their opinion of what they believe is right for you. This is not a free-for-all where others tell you what they think you should do! Your sounding board allows you to hear your own and others perspectives, feeling into how they land in your body over time, leading you towards correct decisions.

None (Lunar): With no defined centres, you don’t have consistent and reliable access to body wisdom for your decision making. Where possible, your decisions are best made by waiting for a complete lunar cycle, whilst the moon transits through each of the 64 gates of the Human Design mandala, giving you the opportunity to experience each of the archetypal energies through your body to bring you perspective over time for clarity. Whilst this is the ideal, it’s not always possible; in these situations, defer to the Sounding Board decision making process as an alternative. You are very tuned into your environment, so ruthless curation and strong boundaries are critical for you.

If you’d love to explore your Authority in more depth, I’d love to work with you! Check out my offerings here.

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

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