Human Design

My offerings in the realm of HD go deep – there’s no space for the surface level or superficial when you feel as passionate as I do!  I’m here to connect with you deeply, see you for your truth, and share my insights with you.  My intention is to leave you feeling profoundly inspired by the magnificence of YOU.

See what resonates for you.

Human Design Foundational Reading:
$108 AUD

An overview and exploration of the fundamentals of your unique Human Design.  With this, you can begin experimenting with living your design.  Essentially, this is everything you “need”.

Foundations of You comes in 2 parts:

  1. Foundations of You booklet (approximately 20 pages)
  2. Foundations of You live Human Design Reading (approximately 90 mins)

Foundations of You booklet

Your Foundations of You booklet covers:

  • Introduction to HD – what is it?
  • Your chart and overview info
  • Your Type
    • What makes you your Type
    • Your Aura
    • Your Strategy
    • Your Signature
    • Your Not-Self Theme
    • Life as your Type
    • Common conditioning for your Type to be aware of
    • Common misconceptions about your Type
    • Actions for moving into alignment as your Type

It’s important to read this document before we have our live reading.  It’s the initial foundation that will allow us to get through all the info in the live reading, in a way that makes sense for you.

Foundations of You Live HD Reading

Your 90 min live reading, conducted via Zoom, will cover:

  • A review of what was established in your booklet
  • Your Authority
  • Your Definition
  • Your Profile
  • Centres (your Defined Centres, your Undefined Centres, your Not-Self Keynotes, your Not-Self Questions)
  • Opportunity to ask questions
  • Zoom recording for you to keep

Human Design Secondary Reading:
$108 AUD

A deeper dive into your chart, building on the foundations to explore the nuanced aspects of your unique Human Design.

Diving Deeper is a live Human Design reading (approximately 90 mins), conducted via Zoom.  Your reading will include:

  • Your Incarnation Cross (your life’s purpose)
  • Your Channels and Circuitry
  • Your Gates (including Planetary, Astrological and Hexagram line influences)
  • Zoom recording for you to keep

This is where the juice lies, and it is my favourite part of exploring Human Design charts!

Please note that Diving Deeper can only be booked if you have already received a Foundations of You Human Design Reading from me.

Human Design Package:
$180 AUD

For you who is all in, ready to commit to exploring, implementing, and experimenting with the depth of your Human Design.

All In combines Foundations of You and Diving Deeper into one package:

  1. Foundations of You booklet (approximately 20 pages)
  2. Foundations of You live Human Design Reading (approximately 90 mins)
  3. Diving Deeper live Human Design Reading (approximately 90 mins)

Your Diving Deeper live reading will take place at least one month after your Foundations of You live reading, giving you time to begin implementing and experimenting with your Human Design.  During this time between readings, you will have the bonus opportunity to communicate with me via email weekly for 4 weeks, so that I can answer any questions that arise through your experimentation with living your Design.