Human Design

Understand your unique energetic design
& ignite your higher purpose

As a soul, you intentionally chose to incarnate on earth, for a specific purpose. You were utterly jubilant about the brilliant opportunity awaiting you, a chance to fulfil your mission.

Your soul chose a portal through which you would be encoded with all the energetic gifts necessary to fulfil your life’s purpose.

That portal was your precise time of birth. The breath of the stars streaming through you in that moment, bringing with it the material information imparted by the configuration of the planets it passed through along the way, encrypted specific cosmic energies into your being.

Human Design allows us to explore those energies you were born with, so you can become attuned to your soul and to your life’s purpose.

Because you’re designed to live your higher purpose.

Human Design. It’s kinda like a personalised manual for you as a spiritual being having a human experience.  This intricate system has so much to offer in terms of practical tools for moving into soul alignment.

Human Design is described as “the science of differentiation.”  It is a logical and empirical system that enables you to understand the mechanics of your unique energy, and use that knowledge to make decisions that are correct for you as a unique individual.  It’s a framework to being yourself, deconditioning, and living authentically.

Human Design is an invitation to experiment with practical tools when living your life, as a means to discovering how to live in a way unique to your design that leads to alignment and fulfilment of your purpose.

It’s important to know that Human Design is not actually telling you anything that you don’t already know at the core of your being.  It’s not a set of rules to follow, or an authority on what you should and shouldn’t do with or in your life.  What it does offer is an invitation to experiment with a practical means of how to access that inner knowing that you may have forgotten how to access.  It’s a guide home, a reminder of how to access the inner divine intelligence that has always been within you.

The Human Design system is a synthesis of Western Astrology, the Hindu Brahmin chakra system, the Sephirot (Tree of Life) of the Jewish Kabbalah, the Chinese I’Ching, astronomy and the science of neutrinos, quantum mechanics, human genetic coding, and biochemistry.

This mysterious and cosmic magic gifts you something incredibly pragmatic: the knowledge of how to access your unique and inherent body wisdom, the communication of your soul consciousness, your connection to a higher source.  In other words, it tells you how to make aligned decisions.  And when you consistently make aligned decisions, your life flows, and you fulfill your purpose here on earth.

How does Human Design work?

Using your date, time, and place of birth, the Human Design system creates a map of your energetic design, that looks like a blueprint of a human-shaped electrical circuit board.

The position of the sun, earth, moon, lunar nodes, and planets of our solar system at the time of your birth are mapped onto your Human Design chart, along with their positions approximately 88 days before your birth.

My job is to interpret your map & provide guidance on how to live in harmony with your energetic design so that as a natural consequence, you live your purpose.

How do the planets influence our energetic design?

The sun, the stars, and Jupiter, produce miniscule cosmic messengers called neutrinos.  Trillions of these neutrinos stream through every part of us and our planet in every moment of every day, carrying and imparting material information as they go.

This celestial information steam has travelled via the planets, picking up information from them as it goes.  When the neutrino stream arrives on Earth, it imparts this material information it collected from the planets, as it passes through us.

The moment of our birth, being a significant timestamp in our earthly experience, is recognised as also being a significant neutrino imprinting moment, where we are encoded with the energetic information carried by the neutrino stream from the planets. 

The Human Design systems recognises there is a second significant neutrino imprinting moment in our earthly journey: approximately 88 days (88 astrological degrees) prior to our birth.

Where the planets were situated at these two key moments determines the nature of the energetic information encoded within us by the neutrino stream, as reflected on our chart.

To begin your journey of attunement to your soul & your purpose, generate your free Human Design chart and access your free Masterclass about your energetic operating system.

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