Human Design

Human Design. It’s kinda like a personalised manual for you as a spiritual being having a human experience.  This enthralling system has so much to offer in terms of practical tools for moving into soul alignment.

Human Design is described as “the science of differentiation.”  It is a logical and empirical system that enables you to understand the mechanics of your unique energy, and use that knowledge to make decisions that are correct for you as a unique individual.  It’s a framework to being yourself, deconditioning, and living authentically.

Human Design is an invitation to experiment with practical tools when living your life, as a means to discovering how to live life in a way unique to your design that leads to alignment and fulfilment of your purpose.

It’s important to know that Human Design is not actually telling you anything that you don’t already know at the core of your being.  It’s not a set of rules to follow, or an authority on what you should and shouldn’t do with or in your life.  What it does offer is an invitation to experiment with a practical means of how to access that inner knowing that you may have forgotten how to access.  It’s a guide home, a reminder of how to access the inner divine intelligence that has always been within you.

The Human Design system is a synthesis of Western Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Sephirot (Tree of Life) of the Kabbalah, the Hindu Brahmin chakra system, quantum mechanics, astronomy and the science of neutrinos, human genetic coding, and biochemistry.

This mysterious and cosmic magic gifts you something incredibly pragmatic: the knowledge of how to access your unique and inherent body wisdom, the communication of your soul consciousness, your connection to a higher source.  In other words, it tells you how to make aligned decisions.  And when you consistently make aligned decisions, your life flows, and you fulfill your purpose here on earth.

Human Design is an intricate and complex system, and so my offerings within this realm go deep – I believe there is no room for the surface level or superficial if you’re ready for real, meaningful transformation.  This requires learning, exploration, contemplation, experimentation, reflection, and behaviour change.  My offerings are designed to reflect this.

My intention is to leave you feeling profoundly inspired by the magnificence of YOU, and to guide you through the process of living into this magnificence.  I’m here to connect with you, see you for your energetic truth, share my insights and guide you home to your inner compass. These offerings are purposely sequential.  Start at the beginning and take one step at a time, or go all in and invest in the long game.