Hi, my name is Rachael.  I’m a 3/5 triple split emotional Generator, with the right angle cross of the sphinx 2. 💁🏻‍♀️

Haha.  So many cryptic words.  If you’re new to Human Design, that is.

Human Design is my coming home.  It’s explained so much of my experience.  It’s helped me heal.  It lights me up like a Christmas tree!  Let me share with you what it’s taught me, about me.

When I find something I absolutely love, that turns me on and lights me up, I generate so much energy to devote to it.  Whilst it starts with a slow burn, it builds and I can get lost down a rabbit hole, dedicating hours upon hours to perfecting a craft, only to lift my head and realise it’s past dinner time and I haven’t even had lunch.  Well, that was pre-kids; these days, it’s a challenge to tear myself away from the laptop to get to school pickup on time when I’m immersed in the work I love.

Whilst this energy and stamina can be brilliant, when I attempt to devote the same kind of energy to things I’m really not in to, it drains me like nothing else.  In the past I pushed myself way beyond my limits, leading to exhaustion, burnout, adrenal issues, autoimmune disease, and more.

I’ve had a lot of “false starts”, and I used to feel a lot of shame around that.  Uni dropout, unfinished courses, career changes, short-lived businesses, generally feeling lost and flaky.  Now I understand that experimentation is a necessary part of my process.

I’ve put a lot of effort into my mental wellbeing over the years, and I used to get so down on myself when I would go from on top of the world one day, to down in the dumps the next.  Now I understand that my emotional fluctuations are not because I’m doing anything wrong, and whilst they can’t be avoided, the lows are much less severe.

I’ve always known I’m smart, but I’ve often felt like it takes a lot of time and effort to demonstrate it or to develop my understanding and knowledge.  I would get 30% on my maths tests in high school, then work my butt off until I understood and passed with A’s.  I’ve learned to honour my need for time when grasping new concepts, and not feel shame around it.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt trepidation in my decision making.  Over-analysing, over-thinking, and just hoping I’ve made the right choice.  The spiritual and self-help world taught me that aligned decisions are not made through the intellect and mind, but through the soul’s communication via the body.  This confused me; should I go with my gut, follow my heart, or trust my intuition?  What was the difference?  What about when they contradicted each other?  Why did it feel difficult to effectively tune in to this communication and trust it?  Why did I change my mind so easily?  Now I know how my body reliably communicates my soul’s wisdom to me, and decision making is much less fraught.  

I’ve believed for a long time that I’m meant to do something important with my life, something that will have a positive impact in some significant way, and leave me with a feeling of satisfaction and “job well done.”  I used to second-guess this belief, wonder whether I just had my head in the clouds, and sometimes laugh critically at such grandiose and narcissistic aspirations.  Now I recognise it’s one of the roles I play, and I’m not so mean to myself about it.

For so long I felt lost and completely off track.  Now I realise that I’ve always known deep down who I am and where I’m destined to go, but I couldn’t access that knowing for all of the noise and conditioning of our world.  I know I’m here to guide, that I’m here to play my part in serving and orienting humanity towards planetary healing and transformation.  And whilst I still sometimes struggle with how ostentatious that seems, I remind myself there are millions more with similar roles to play.

All that tells you a little about how I operate in the world.  It doesn’t tell you exactly who I am, but I find that can be a tricky thing to pinpoint, especially as we are continually growing and evolving.  I’m a wife and mother, living in outer-suburban Melbourne.  My thriving veggie garden was an unexpected pride and joy in the last few years, but it’s been neglected since the arrival of another unexpected joy in the form of our puppy.  I’ve been fascinated by the mystical and metaphysical since my teenage years, I’ve always loved personal development books (although I was never great at implementing a lot of the teachings!).  I used to think I was weird for being so excited by high school careers class and a business studies subject called “Making It On Your Own.”  Now I can see with hindsight what all these interests were pointing me towards.  To me, Human Design is a magical, mystical, AND pragmatic personalised manual for the spiritual being having a human experience.  Like I said at the beginning, it lights me up like a Christmas tree; the satisfaction I derive from immersing myself in and sharing with you the energetic blueprint your soul chose for you, is life.

Image by Fi Mims
Image by Fi Mims


Rachael Stella is a Life Purpose & Human Design Guide.  Using the Human Design system, Rachael works with clients from around the world, guiding them to attune to their unique energetic operating system and inner GPS that is always leading them towards alignment with their truth and authenticity and ultimately, their purpose.  Having walked her own path of feeling desperately lost and off track, with an intense yearning to live her purpose in the world, it was when Rachael discovered Human Design that things began to fall into place.  Not only had she found the roadmap to her purpose, but through following that roadmap she discovered that she was born to be a way-shower for others, guiding them to discover their own purpose too.

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