A spotlight on your energetic makeup

You came into the world perfectly equipped with everything you need to live your purpose.  And yet despite your best efforts, perhaps your lived experience is not one of alignment, authenticity, and deep fulfilment.  Perhaps life doesn’t feel like it matches with what your soul intended; you feel the gap between your lived experience, and what your soul is yearning for.

When you’re attuned to your inherent way of operating and being led from within – to your unique energetic design – you naturally live your purpose in the world.

Illuminate sessions shine a spotlight on your unique energetic makeup, on your energetic design that is your personalised roadmap for closing the gap between your lived experience and your soul’s yearning to live your purpose.  We explore practical tools for you to experiment with to experience more flow and less resistance, to make decisions that are energetically correct for you as a unique individual, and to honour your truth and express your authenticity; when you’re living in this level of alignment, the natural consequence is you living your purpose.

What you receive inside of Illuminate:

  • Detailed and specific insight into your unique energetic makeup and operating system, and how to apply that practically as you move through and engage with the world in your everyday life.
  • An in-depth explanation as to how your specific inner guidance system operates, and how to tap into it when faced with decisions.
  • Insight into the areas of life where you’re energetically susceptible to making poor decisions based on unresourceful conditioning that can leave you feeling lost, off track, and like life isn’t working.

We’ll touch on the energetic themes and contrasts in your chart, the energetic story of your direction and purpose, and your energetic gifts.

Illuminate sessions take place face-to-face over the web for up to 2 hours of juicy and insightful conversation that illuminates how your energetic design influences your experience of life, and how when correctly harnessed, orients you toward living your purpose. You’ll walk away with a paradigm-shifting set of practical tools for living the highest expression of your purpose.

Advanced Illuminate sessions: Your energetic design is intricately complex and nuanced. Once you’ve got the foundations, advanced Illuminate sessions allow you to continue your learning and further enhance your self-understanding as we explore the deeper recesses of your energetic design. We can cover:

  • Broadcasting & Receiving – the energetic themes you emit the frequency of, and those you absorb and amplify.
  • Direction & Purpose – where you’re headed energetically, and the energetic story of your life’s purpose. 
  • Energetic Circuitry & Gifts – the specific cosmic energies encrypted into your being, and their flow through the energetic circuit board of your Human Design. 
  • Energetic Nuance – the ways you’re designed to take in, process and filter information from the external world. 
  • Any area of life you’d like to explore from a Human Design perspective.


I think I’m your biggest fan right now 😂😂😂 absolutely life changing, and in 2 hours 🤯

Before our session I feel like I was viewing my world with a cloudy filter, not really understanding why some things weren’t working for me, awareness felt low. As soon as we finished I feel as though I walked away from our session with ‘new glasses’ 😂 A prescription that has shown me how to do me and my world around me better.

THANK YOU so much. I cannot wait for our next session.

~ Bethany, 3/5 Emotional Projector

I found incredible value in Rachael’s Human Design sessions. Understanding the nuances of my personal and unique design felt very affirmative and supported my path forward with confidence. Rachael calls herself a ‘guide’, and this describes perfectly the role she plays. Her capacity to allow the sessions to be bespoke versus generic is a testament to her level of preparation, passion and respect for her craft and client. I highly recommend understanding your uniqueness with depth and detail in the safe hands of Rachael. 

~ Sarah, 4/6 Sacral Manifesting Generator

Working with Rachael has been an eye opener for me. Human Design definitely helped me understand myself better via my energetics and I’m so grateful to Rachael for providing this beautiful experience. The whole process was so smooth and nurturing and Rachael’s soothing presence and calm explanation is so grounding, reassuring and full of insights. The session gave me tools and tips to enhance my energy levels and give myself what I need. I’m looking forward to more to unfold in future sessions. 

~ Janani, 4/6 Emotional Manifestor

$150 AUD


3 session package: $400 AUD

Optional add on: HD Report for Practitioners $20 AUD