I’m so delighted you’re here, curious to learn more about Attuned; my offering to you that provides the deepest dive and opportunity to thoroughly explore and attune to the gifts of your unique energetic intricacies. 

This is the place to work intimately with me, when you’re committed to self-awareness, alignment, and purpose.

This is the place to be when you’re truly ready to harmonise with the symphony of your soul.

Each musical instrument within an orchestra must be precisely attuned and skilfully played in harmony with each other to create a symphony of melodious magic. So too the harmonic expression of your exquisitely unique combination of energetic gifts is required to live the symphony of your soul and allow your life’s purpose to naturally unfold.

Inside the container of this bespoke mentoring programme custom-designed with your unique energetic blueprint at the forefront, you’ll be guided to attune to your soul and the energetic gifts encoded within your being by the breath of the stars.

As a soul, you intentionally chose to incarnate on earth, for a specific purpose. Eager to embrace the brilliant opportunity to fulfil your mission, your soul chose the portal through which you would be encoded with all the energetic gifts necessary to do so. You are perfectly equipped. You are energetically designed to succeed. And your soul is eternally guiding you there. Often though, we find ourselves disconnected, distracted, and conditioned off track, in a society that has forgotten inherent divinity. Living your purpose requires attunement to the inner divine intelligence that has always been within you. Attunement to your inner knowing. Attunement to the communication of your soul consciousness that is always guiding you to harmonically express your unique energetic gifts, always supporting you to live your purpose. Attunement to that which you’ve perhaps forgotten has always been available for you.

Soul attunement begins with two key elements. First, the awareness of how you specifically are energetically designed to engage with the world around you. Second, the awareness of your particular and inherent body wisdom: your inner compass, the communication of your soul consciousness, your connection to divine intelligence.  This wisdom guides you to make aligned decisions.  When you are engaging with the world in your energetically correct manner and consistently making aligned decisions, your life flows, you radiate vitality, you sing your soul song, and you fulfill your purpose here on earth.

As your sensitivity to the more nuanced aspects of your energetic design deepens, you become more finely attuned to what works for you, and to the ways in which your soul is always supporting you to be on track with your purpose and lit with life.

Music that moves us deeply is not just heard through our ears, but exquisitely felt as it reverberates through our body. A sublime meditation track through noise-cancelling headphones, bringing us into acutely felt presence. Our favourite artist, volume up on the sound system so we distinguish every musical nuance, stirring us to move our body to the rhythm and beat (and perhaps sing along at the top of our lungs!).  Or the ultimate: live music experienced in the flesh, raising the hairs on the back of our neck, sending shivers down our spine, the thrum felt in every one of our cells, no intermediary between us and the music other than the air we breathe, upon which the sound waves travel. Pure exhilarating magic.

Imagine then the majesty of stepping onto your stage as the conductor of your life, orchestrating the most magnificent symphony imaginable composed by your soul.  Each musical instrument an element of your energetic makeup, playing their individual parts in the score, precisely tuned to the correct pitch, played in key and at the right tempo with a certain kind of magic … spine-tingling, goosebump-inducing musical splendour. Not just knowing your Design, but embodying the felt truth of it. The feeling like electricity running through your veins as you merge with your music, harmonising with the symphony of your soul, living out the highest expression of your energetic design;
living your purpose

This is the destiny your soul chose for you.

This is your destination as you become Attuned.

The Attuned woman is committed and courageous.

She knows she’s here on a mission. 

She knows she’s fully equipped. 

She knows she has choice laced into her destiny.

She knows she can be guided to attune to her soul, but that becoming attuned is her own responsibility.

She knows there is no silver bullet.

She knows that being attuned to her soul comes with stretching out of her comfort zone, into the discomfort of reprogramming her conditioning.

She knows attunement will take practice, making mistakes, and course correcting.

She knows perfection is not the aim, and attunement is not a singular destination, but a life-long practice.

She knows that when we each attune to our soul, we usher in a new era of planetary healing and transformation.

She knows she was born for this.

The Details

Attuned is a highly bespoke mentoring programme curated to suit your unique energetic makeup, taking into consideration how you process information, your needs for integration, and various other factors gleaned from your chart.  Over the course of 3 months, you and I will meet face-to-face across the web for 6 powerful sessions as I guide you to attune to your specific energetic gifts through the lens of Human Design.  Potential themes for exploration include:

  • Energetic Foundations – the fundamentals of your energetic design.
  • Broadcasting & Receiving – the energetic themes you emit the frequency of, and those you absorb and amplify.
  • Direction & Purpose – where you’re headed energetically, and the energetic story of your life’s purpose. 
  • Energetic Circuitry & Gifts – the specific cosmic energies encrypted into your being, and their flow through the energetic circuit board of your Human Design. 
  • Energetic Nuance – the ways you’re designed to take in, process and filter information from the external world. 

Personalised written materials and video recordings will land in your private digital resource repository as you progress through your programme, and you’ll receive guided integration & experimentation practices to shift your attunement from receptivity, awareness and perception, into the dialled in attunement of harmonious responsiveness.  Email or voice note support is also included between sessions.


I had no idea of what to expect, nor did I have any understanding of just how potent human design is as a tool for stepping into relationship with myself and life. 

Rachael is extremely passionate and well-versed on all things Human Design. Her depth of knowledge and love for the system is evident in how she meets the world and in how she shares her gifts. 

Rachael lovingly curated her interpretation of my human design profile and offered the potency of this information in a way that was easy to digest. No stone was left unturned as she revealed actionable steps and strategies of how I can best attune to my energy, my blueprint, to move forward in meaningful ways whilst honouring all of me. I am left with a deeper understanding of how I can meet my unique self and a greater connection to who I am. 

Working with Rachael is incredible and an experience to be savoured. 

~ Kristie, 5/2 Triple Split Emotional MG

The personal understanding and the numerous “ah-ha!” moments I had while working with Rachael were astounding.  I was curious about what I would find out about Human Design as I had no prior experience, and it’s incredible.

I am really feeling comfortable in myself, largely from understanding how I operate.

What did I value about the experience?  All of it!!  It was a huge YES for me to do this and I did not understand that about myself previously.  I love how it’s a guidance system to help live more authentically.  And working with Rachael, it clicked and was incredible. A million heart felt thanks!

~ Pauline, 3/5 Quad Right Pure Generator

Intake for Attuned is currently closed. To go on the waitlist to be notified when applications re-open, please get in touch.

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