Human Design is an intricate and complex system, and so my offerings within this realm go deep – I believe there is no room for the surface level or superficial if you’re ready for real, meaningful transformation.  This requires learning, exploration, contemplation, experimentation, reflection, and behaviour change.  My offerings are designed to reflect this.

My intention is to leave you feeling profoundly inspired by the magnificence of YOU, and to guide you through the process of living into this magnificence.  I’m here to connect with you, see you for your energetic truth, share my insights and guide you home to your inner compass. These offerings are purposely sequential.  Start at the beginning and take one step at a time, or go all in and invest in the long game.

$108 AUD

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ~ Lao Tzu

Foundations of You, comprising a personalised PDF booklet and live reading, is an exploration of the fundamentals of your unique Human Design, giving you a paradigm-shifting practical grounding in how to operate in energetic alignment with how you are designed.

Your booklet will arrive in your inbox at least one week before your live reading, giving you time to absorb and begin implementing the learnings.  It includes an introduction to Human Design (for thorough context), your chart, and then a deep dive into your Type, including:

  • your Aura;
  • your Strategy: how to win at life, your first step in energetically correct decision making;
  • your Signature and your Not-Self Theme, your indicators that you’re in energetic alignment or not;
  • common conditioning for your Type to be aware of;
  • common misconceptions about your Type;
  • actions for moving into alignment as your Type.

Your live reading will take place via Zoom for approximately 90 minutes, and you receive a recording to keep and revisit.  We will explore:

  • An overview of your booklet with an opportunity to ask any clarifying questions;
  • Your Authority; your second step in energetically correct decision making;
  • Your Definition: your flow of energy and how you feel most whole and grounded;
  • Your Profile: the archetypal roles you play in life in order to live out your life purpose;

Foundations of You is the first step on your Human Design journey towards energetic alignment.  Whilst there is so much more to explore, this foundation can stand alone as a powerful activator of energetic and soul alignment.

Diving Deeper: Energy Centres $108 AUD
Diving Deeper: Direction & Purpose $108 AUD
Diving Deeper: Circuitry & Gates $108 AUD

The Diving Deeper live readings take you further into the intricacies of your chart, building on the foundations to explore the nuanced aspects of your unique energetic blueprint.

Energy Centres: Often skimmed over, your energy Centres are key to your energetic alignment.  As the hubs that that receive and transform the energy that circulates through your body, they are critical to explore if you’re serious about embodying your inherent gifts and strengths, deconditioning, and developing your wisdom.  We explore your Defined Centres, Undefined Centres, what embodiment and shadow looks like for each Centre, and ways to support your Centres, decondition, and move into alignment.

Direction & Purpose: This is where the juice lies, and is my favourite part of exploring Human Design charts. We explore your South Node (the energetics you’re here to overcome and release), your North Node (the energetics you’re here to stretch into) and your Incarnation Cross (the energetics of your life’s purpose).

Circuitry & Gates: This is where we “fill in the gaps”, exploring your Channels and Circuitry (the energetic communication between your Centres), and your Gates (your energetic gifts), including planetary, astrological, and hexagram line influences. We explore how your unique combination of activated energetics impact your nature and how you can work practically with each specific element to cultivate transformation and growth.

* Please note that Foundations of You is a prerequisite for booking a Diving Deeper reading.

$380 AUD

For you who is all in, ready to commit to exploring, implementing, and experimenting with the depth of your Human Design.

All In combines the full suite of Human Design offerings into one package:

  1. Foundations of You
  2. Diving Deeper – Energy Centres
  3. Diving Deeper – Direction & Purpose
  4. Diving Deeper – Circuitry & Gates

Between each of your readings, you will have the bonus opportunity to communicate with me via email or Voxer check-ins, so I can offer extra guidance and answer any questions that arise through your experimentation with living your Design.

Understanding the energetic design and dynamics of your family members can be so supportive of creating a harmonious family life and parenting your children in a way that honours their inherent truth so they can grow to become healthy, aligned adults. 

Different elements of the Human Design chart will become more relevant at different ages and stages of family members.  The length and structure of a Family Reading will also vary depending on the number of family members, and the prior understanding of Human Design foundations of the person receiving the reading.

To enquire about a Family Human Design Reading, get in touch and we can chat about your needs.