Decision-making & Purpose

When we’re looking at Authority in Human Design, it’s is all about making decisions, and how if you want to live your purpose, you need to be making decisions that are aligned with your truth and authenticity.

The thing is, most of us have been conditioned to make decisions using our mind – that is, using logic, rationality, past experience, history, or the advice of an external authority whether that’s your best friend, a wise family member, or a subject matter expert.  But when we’re talking about aligned decisions, we’re talking about what is energetically correct for you as a unique individual – what aligns with your authenticity and purpose, which isn’t always logical or rational.  Also, using you mind as your decision maker is problematic because your mind works like a computer operating system, programmed throughout your life with the evolutionary intention of keeping you safe.  When you “think through” your decisions, your mind is literally programmed with safety and survival at the forefront, meaning your decisions will be coloured by things like your fears and your need to conform.  Safety and conformity are highly unlikely to lead you to your authenticity and purpose!

You’ve no doubt had that experience where it makes logical, rational sense to make a certain decision, but you have that niggling feeling, hunch, or little voice inside that is telling you something different.  This is what we’re speaking to in Human Design when we’re talking about Authority.  Whether you call it your higher self, your connection to Source, your soul, or something else, it’s your link to an all-knowing guidance system that allows you to make aligned decisions.

Using your HD Authority to make decisions doesn’t mean completely ignoring intel from your mind.  Depending on the decision you’re facing, it’s often going to be appropriate to gather data, seek understanding, and review options.  For example, let’s say you’ve been led to pursue a certain career which requires a specific qualification.  What educational institutions offer that qualification?  What are the entry requirements?  Where are they located?  What are the fees and payment options?  Are there alternatives?  The important thing is to remember that it’s not the data and intel that should dictate your decision, it’s your inner Authority that will give you your aligned decision once all the relevant information has been gathered.

The thing is, everyone is unique in their energetic design, and so the way your inner guidance system works is specific to you.  Generic advice to follow your heart over your head, to go with your gut, to trust your intuition … whilst it’s a step up from mind-based decisions, it doesn’t account for how YOU’RE energetically wired, and which body sensations YOU can rely on as accurate guideposts.  Maybe you can rely on your gut feeling in the moment, maybe you can rely on your fleeting intuitive hits, perhaps you need to take time to process your emotions, or connect in with your voice, … there are 8 different HD Authorities!  So, to live your purpose, you need to understand: which sensations in your body can you rely on to be your inner decision making authority?

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Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

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