Self-understanding, self-acceptance, and aligned decision-making

In our recent chat on Ignite Kinesiology’s Served with Love podcast, Beth provides a great example of how understanding your Human Design provides self-understanding, self-acceptance, and can support you with more aligned decision-making.

Beth’s Human Design Chart

During our chat, Beth discovered that whilst her Defined Sacral shows us she has a consistent yes/no gut feeling in response to whatever decision she’s faced with, she actually has Emotional Authority – she needs to give herself time with decision-making, because her gut response is influenced by her emotions. With a Defined Solar Plexus, she’s on a constant wave of emotional highs and lows, so this explains why her impulsive decisions often lead to regret.

Developing the discipline to slow down her decision making might feel challenging for Beth, because she has a lot of “fast energy”. Her Sacral is connected indirectly to her Throat (the Centre for manifestation), giving her the urge to get the wheels in motion the moment she becomes excited about something. She also has a Defined Spleen that consistently gives her instantaneous intuitive insights, and this energy is connected to her Heart, the home of her willpower.

But there’s more! Beth also has Gate 29 activated in her chart – sometimes referred to as The Gate of Saying “Yes”. The energy of this Gate can make a person over-commit through their conditioning. Activated by her Unconscious Mars and Saturn, this energy was always going to present as a trip wire and cause grief for Beth, and explains her “yes reflex” that often leaves her feeling compromised. The good news is, her chart also indicates potential for transformation here when she’s in alignment with her Human Design, exercising discipline to give herself time to feel into her Sacral response over the course of her emotional wave when making a decision.

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