Authority: how you’re designed to make decisions

You have an inner guidance system that you can trust for making decisions that are energetically correct for you as a unique individual. And it doesn’t reside in your mind.

Even though we’re conditioned to make decisions from the mind based on logic, external authority, fear, or conforming, this won’t lead us to our authenticity and purpose. Our mind is actually designed to be used for thinking, dreaming, inspiring, formulating, and making sense of life, a potential teacher for others, used in service. Our mind is meant to be freed from decision making.

It’s our soul that is always guiding us to make energetically correct decisions.

Decisions that keep us on track with our authenticity and purpose.

Our soul guides us though our inner Authority.


Your decision-making is governed by your Solar Plexus.

You’re designed to take your time when making decisions, to wait through your “emotional wave” of highs & lows, and make your decision from the clarity that comes when you’re in a place of emotional neutrality. How does the decision make you feel emotionally, over time? (If you’re a Generator or MG, is your Sacral Response consistent over time, or is it changing with your moods?) Making rash decisions from an emotional high or low, no matter how sure you believe you are in the moment, is a risky move. For you, there is no reliable truth in the now.


Your decision-making is governed by your Sacral Centre.

You’re designed to go with your gut feeling. This is very “in the moment” decision-making, operating in response to what you’re presented with. You either feel an openness and expansion towards something, or a closing and contraction away from something. It’s a yes/no, either/or way of operating. Remember to remain present to what feels right now, don’t get caught up in your head with future tripping and worry.


Your decision-making is governed by your Spleen Centre.

You’re designed to make decisions based on an often quiet, instantaneous intuitive inner knowing. There’s no logic to your authority, so if you’re reasoning out your decision, you’re off track. Splenic communication is an incredibly fleeting feeling; blink and you’ll miss it. Develop a sense of how you experience your intuition (e.g. claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairalience or clairgustance) so you can recognise it and allow that recognition and confidence in it to build over time.

Ego Projected or Ego Manifested

Your decision-making is governed by your Heart Centre (also known as the Ego or Will Centre).

You’re designed to be led by your heart. It’s all about you, your ego, what you want, the desires of your heart. If you’re Ego-Projected, your desires are likely to be attached to your sense of identity and direction in life. If you’re Ego-Manifested, talking your decisions out can be helpful, not for others to provide input, but for you to hear your heart articulating through your voice, where your desire and passion can be communicated.

Self Projected

Your decision-making is governed by your G Centre, also known as the Identity Centre.

You’re designed to make your big decisions in life based on what you’re being magnetically drawn towards. You project your direction in life, & tuning into that will align you with your correct decisions. To connect into this self-projection, talk your decisions out; not so someone can provide input, but so you can hear your identity speaking through your voice & tune into the direction it is taking you. Be sure not to make rash decisions, no matter how sure you’re feeling, without first talking them out; you could find yourself being pointed in a different direction.


Your decision-making is governed by your energetic “openness” below your Throat Centre.

Mental Authority, also known as Sounding Board Authority, means you access different forms of body-wisdom depending on who you’re interacting with. You’re designed to make decisions by curating trusted relationships, using them as a sounding board for your decision making, talking things through. This is not a free-for-all where others tell you what to do! Your sounding board allows you to hear your own & others perspectives, feeling into how they land in your body over time, leading you towards clarity in your decisions. Learn about the other Authorities so you can recognise them in yourself.


Your decision-making is governed by your connection to the moon which comes from having no Defined Centres.

You experience different forms of body-wisdom activated during interactions with others & by the transit of the moon. Learn about the other Authorities, & allow yourself time to experience the full spectrum of your body-wisdom throughout the lunar cycle. You may have days where you feel certain emotions regarding the decision, a gut response about the decision, a quiet intuitive inner knowing, a strong desire, or a pulling towards the decision. Your clarity will come through perspective gathered over time. When you can’t wait a complete lunar cycle, defer to your Sounding Board.

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Are you tuned in to your inner Authority?

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