Why do the planets influence our energy?

As a soul, you chose to incarnate on earth at this time. You wanted to be here, you had reasons for choosing to be here, you had things that you wanted to experience.

Your soul chose a portal in time through which you would be born, during which you would be encoded with all the energies necessary to fulfill those desires, to fulfill your life’s purpose.

That portal was your precise time of birth.

The breath of the stars streaming through you in that moment, bringing with it the material information imparted by the configuration of the planets it passed through along the way, encrypted specific cosmic energies into your being. Human Design allows us to explore those energies that you were born with.

This “breath of stars” is a stream of miniscule cosmic messengers called neutrinos. Numbering in the billions, neutrinos produced by our sun, the stars of the Milky Way, and Jupiter, pass through every part of us and our planet in every moment of every day, carrying and imparting material information as they go.

This celestial information steam has travelled via the planets, picking up information from them as it goes. When the neutrino stream arrives on Earth, it imparts this material information it collected from the planets, as it passes through us.

The moment of our birth, being a significant timestamp in our earthly experience, is recognised as also being a significant neutrino imprinting moment, where we are encoded with the energetic information carried by the neutrino stream from the planets, to form our conscious personality energetic design aspects.

Three months prior to our birth is also recognised as a significant neutrino imprinting moment, where we are encoded with the energetic information to form our unconscious design energetic design aspects.

Where the planets were situated in these two key moments determines the nature of the energetic information picked up and imparted by the neutrino stream, and hence which gates and lines – energetic themes – are activated in our Human Design chart.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

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