You Are Divine

Your inherent divinity warrants reverent honouring.

We build temples, churches, cathedrals, in honour of God. I invite you to consider that you, as a glorious beam of light emanating from Source, are that divinity we so revere.

YOU, at your most inherent essence, are DIVINE.

Can you even fathom it?

Your Human Design chart reveals the specific energetic gifts your soul intentionally chose for you to possess during your life on earth. These energies were chosen such that you would be equipped with everything necessary to live out the experiences your soul was seeking in choosing to incarnate; the purpose for your life.

A Human Design reading offers you a personalised “Users Manual for the Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience”. It spells out the energetics your soul chose for you, and guides you towards alignment with that which you inherently know is your truth.

Interpreting your Human Design chart is a sacred privilege. I get to see and share with you the awe inspiring divine perfection of the energetic design your soul crafted for you. I get to support you in unshackling from all that isn’t in energetic integrity, guiding you to step into the magnificence of alignment with how your soul intended for you to BE in this human experience. Less resistance. More flow. Fulfilling the desires of your soul. Lit up by the power of the divine presence shining through your being.

Discovering your unique Human Design is an opportunity to honour your divinity.

“Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire.” ~ St Catherine of Sienna

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