What is the significance of your Human Design chart?

The Human Design system is all about energy.

Your Human Design chart is an energetic blueprint. It represents the energies you have reliable and consistent access to, the energies you don’t have consistent and reliable access to, and the energy circulation through your system.

This knowledge provides a framework for how you best operate in and interact with the world around you.

Each gate in the HD chart represents one of the 64 archetypal energies laid out in the ancient Chinese I’Ching.

According to the HD system, humans have the potential to access each of these 64 energies. The chart show us which of these 64 energies we have consistent and reliable access to, and which we have inconsistent and unreliable access to.

But it’s more nuanced than just a combination of 26 activations of these 64 energies.

The gates are broken up into 6 lines represented by the hexagram lines of the I’Ching; the line placements of each of your activations therefore give one of six different influences to how each of your gate energies is expressed.

The energies are also flavoured depending on which celestial body is activating it, determining what that energetic theme means for you.

When there are gate activations that form a channel, that creates an additional energy that is consistent and reliable within you. The channel is also a communication link between centres, making the energetic themes of those centres consistent and reliable for you.

The specific combination of uniquely flavoured and expressed energies you have, and the configuration of your circuitry that determines your energy flow, is what makes you operate in your unique way.

Add to all of that, the fact that every single energy can be expressed on a frequency spectrum, from shadow to gift to full embodiment.

Are you getting an idea of how complex and nuanced your energetic makeup is, and how it might be expressed in any given moment?!

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