How is your Human Design chart determined?

Your unique Human Design chart is based on the position of the sun, earth, moon, lunar nodes, and planets of our solar system, at the time of your birth.

The Human Design system uses the Rave Mandala to represent the space of the orbits of the celestial bodies within our solar system, split into:

  • Astrological signs (inner wheel)
  • Gates (based on the I’Ching) (middle wheel)
  • Lines (based on the lines of the hexagrams of the I’Ching) (outer wheel)
Source: Jovian Archive

The position of the sun, earth, moon, lunar nodes, and planets at the time of your birth, as well as 3 months prior to your birth, is mapped onto the Rave Mandala.

These 26 placements at these 2 key times activate gates, and lines within the gates. See my chart below, and note the activated gates (coloured wedges / spokes of the wheel), the celestial bodies and lunar nodes that are activating them (the symbols sitting in the spokes), and which astrological sign they sit in (zodiac symbols in the inner wheel). For example, the sun was placed within gate 2 at the time of my birth, which is in the sign of Taurus.


These gate activations are transcribed onto the BodyGraph – the visual representation of your energetic flow. They determine your activated channels – 2 activated gates joined together.

You can see below that my activated gate 2, located at the bottom of the yellow diamond (G Centre) in the middle of my BodyGraph, is connected to my activated gate 14, located at the top of the red square (Sacral Centre), creating a channel.


Your activated channels determine your “defined” Centres (which are based on the chakra system). So my activated channel comprised of gate 2 and gate 14, gives definition to my G-Centre (the yellow diamond that gate 2 sits in) and my Sacral Centre (the red square that gate 14 sits in).

Think of the BodyGraph like an electrical circuit board; the activated gates are like electrical wires, and when connected, they “switch on” the definition of the Centre, represented by the Centre being coloured in.

The configuration of your defined Centres and channels determines your Human Design Type; Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, or Reflector.

It also determines your Definition (single, split, triple split, quadruple split).

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