Where to begin …

Thank you for being here! I’m excited, nervous, optimistic, hopeful, scared, thrilled, and exhilarated to be embarking on this blogging journey. I’m not clear just yet on the precise direction in which this will head, but I begin with two main intentions:

  1. To help me

I’ve felt the pull, for a long time, to discover my purpose in the world. At this particular point in my life, this task feels more urgent than ever. I hope that this blog will enable me to explore, facilitate and share the ways in which I can live a life of passion and purpose.

  1. To help you

A few months ago, I was completing a “Goal Planning and Focus” worksheet. Question #1 asked me, what do I want in my life? My answers flowed quickly: happiness, love, fun, health, joy, purpose, fulfilment, adventure, abundance, and my core desired feelings: exhilarated, vitality, luxurious, potent (more on this in a later post, I promise!). Question #2 asked, if I could create it, what would make my life worthwhile? Again, the answer was simple: to bring all of the above, to others. My wish is that this blog will become a place in which I can bring some, if not all, of these things to you.

I truly am excited. The energy is right. This is the beginning. It’s not pretty and polished yet (hanging out to get to that!), but it’s a start. The Universe expressly told me, in an email last Friday, that if I want happiness, I should do something, anything, as soon as possible, and do it with care. So, here it is.

Again, thank you for being here.


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