Decision-Making Authority: Splenic

Your Human Design Authority is your inner decision-making authority, which tells you how to reliably make energetically correct, aligned decisions.

The soul alerts the body way before the mind can intellectualise what the soul desires, so whilst our mind and logical thinking are powerful tools for information gathering, they are not designed to be used for decision making!

The body wisdom we can reliably tap into to experience this soul communication varies from person to person dependent upon our Design, which shows us the energies we have consistent and reliable access to.

Your body wisdom and decision-making is governed by your Spleen Centre.

You’re designed to make decisions based on an often quiet, instantaneous intuitive inner knowing. There is no logic to your authority, so if you are reasoning out your decision, you know you’re off track. This Splenic communication is an incredibly fleeting feeling; blink and you’ll miss it. You’ll need to develop a sense of how you experience your intuition (e.g. inner knowing AKA claircognizance, inner visions AKA clairvoyance, an inner voice or clear hearing AKA clairaudience, a physical feeling AKA clairsentience, or even an inner smelling AKA clairalience or an inner taste AKA clairgustance) so that you can recognise it and allow that recognition and confidence in it to build over time.

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