Definition: None

When we’re looking at the type of Definition you have in your chart, we’re referring to the way in which your Defined Centres (those that are coloured in) are connected or not, through your Channels.

When we think of our BodyGraph as an electrical circuit board, a split in our Definition is like a break in the circuit, preventing energy from flowing freely throughout the BodyGraph. Definition gives us insight into whether energy moves with speed and ease through our circuitry, or whether it requires external factors to bridge the circuitry gaps.

You have No Definition. As a Reflector, none of your Centres are Defined. You’re here to sample the energy of others through your Undefined Centres. Over the course of time, being in environments and communities that feel like home, you get to sample the energy of others (as well as that of the lunar cycle) to electromagnetically hook up your circuitry so you can access clarity around your own body wisdom. You’re here to be at the centre of your communities, but you also require plenty of solitude where you can be in your own energy.

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