Profile: 3/5

Profile tells us the archetypal roles we’re designed to play in order to live out our purpose; the most prominent ways we express our inherent energetic gifts. So it’s not so much about what we’re here to do, but the way we’re designed to go about doing what we’re here to do.

The 3/5 Profile tells us you’re here for an inward-facing journey that’s focused on your relationship to self and learning through your personal experiences. You’re here to discover through experimentation, trial and error, and mistakes; there’s no such thing as failure, only learning opportunities. The challenge that can arise is that you’re also a very capable problem solver, and others can place expectations upon you to save the day. This can probe problematic if you oblige, only to make errors, mistakes or failure along the road to fixing something. As such, be clear in your communication about what you can offer others, and be willing to speak up for yourself when others are placing expectations upon you that you’re not willing to or can’t meet.

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