Profile: 5/2

Profile tells us the archetypal roles we’re designed to play in order to live out our purpose; the most prominent ways we express our inherent energetic gifts. So it’s not so much about what we’re here to do, but the way we’re designed to go about doing what we’re here to do.

The 5/2 Profile tells us you’re here for an outward-facing journey that’s transpersonal; whilst you’re not dependent on others, fulfilling your purpose does require other people. Connections with others can shift your path, and when you’re living your purpose, you’ll impact others. You’re a naturally capable problem solver, and others can place expectations upon you to save the day. The thing is, you probably don’t recognise the extent of your natural talents and gifts, but others will, and they’ll call them out from you. Your role is to determine which projections are yours to take on, using your Strategy & Authority, to share with others.

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