Profile: 4/6

Profile tells us the archetypal roles we’re designed to play in order to live out our purpose; the most prominent ways we express our inherent energetic gifts. So it’s not so much about what we’re here to do, but the way we’re designed to go about doing what we’re here to do.

The 4/6 Profile tells us you’re here for an inward-facing journey that’s focused on your relationship to self and learning through your personal experiences, but you’re here to do that through your relationships with others. You’re here to be an influential role model for those amongst your inner circle and valued communities. You may notice that you traverse through 3 phases in life, beginning with your early years where you learn and discover through experimentation, trial and error, and failure. At your Saturn Return (approximately age 30) you will likely begin to withdraw and reflect on the wisdom your experiences are bringing you, and then at your Chiron Return (approximately age 50) you’ll settle into and fully embody the role model that you’re here to become through your wisdom gained.

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