Decision-Making Authority: Lunar

Your Human Design Authority is your inner decision-making authority, which tells you how to reliably make energetically correct, aligned decisions.

The soul alerts the body way before the mind can intellectualise what the soul desires, so whilst our mind and logical thinking are powerful tools for information gathering, they are not designed to be used for decision making!

The body wisdom we can reliably tap into to experience this soul communication varies from person to person dependent upon our Design, which shows us the energies we have consistent and reliable access to.

Your body wisdom and decision-making is governed by your connection to the moon which comes from having no Defined Centres.

With no Defined Centres, you don’t have consistent and reliable access to body wisdom for your decision making. Where possible, your decisions are best made by waiting for a complete lunar cycle, whilst the moon transits through each of the 64 gates of the Human Design mandala, giving you the opportunity to experience each of the archetypal energies through your body to bring clarity through perspective over time. The consistency of your body wisdom is accessed over the course of the lunar cycle.

When you’re considering a decision throughout the lunar cycle, you may have days where you feel certain emotions regarding the decision, a gut response about the decision, a quiet intuitive inner knowing, a strong desire, or a pulling towards the decision. Gathering all this data over the course of the cycle is what brings clarity.

Whilst waiting a full lunar cycle is the ideal, it’s not always possible to do this when making decisions; when you can’t wait a full cycle, defer to the Sounding Board decision making process as an alternative. This involves carefully curating your inner circle of trusted relationships, and then using them as a sounding board for your decision making, where you lead the conversation and invite them to productively contribute their opinion of what they believe is right for you. This is not a free-for-all where others tell you what they think you should do! Your sounding board allows you to hear your own and others perspectives, feeling into how they land in your body over time, leading you towards clarity.

You are very tuned into your environment, so ruthless curation and strong boundaries are critical for you.

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