Application Form – Attuned

To apply for Attuned, please submit the form below. Your bespoke programme will be custom-designed based on the information provided in your application, and emailed to you along with a purchase link to secure your programme. A calendar link to schedule your video sessions will be provided upon receipt of payment.

Please note: Attuned programme session availability is between the hours of Monday-Friday 11am-2.30pm AEST (AEDT Oct-Apr).

*PLEASE NOTE: Inaccurate birth details may lead to an inaccurate Human Design chart; sometimes even one minute can make a difference. This is very important! Rachael Stella can only provide Human Design guidance based upon the birth details you provide. If you have any concerns about the accuracy of your birth details, please get in touch before booking.

Don't stress if you're not 100% certain that your birth time is 100% accurate - I will let you know whether it's an issue for your chart when I respond to your application.
eg Is there something you’re curious about? Is there something you’re yearning for? Is there something you desire to transform? Is there a new level you’re looking to expand into? Is there a specific element of how you experience life that you’d like to better understand?
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