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Modern Essentials Book & App

The Modern Essentials book and app are practical go-to resources to have on hand to learn more about safe and effective ways to support your home and health every day using essential oils.

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Emotions & Essential Oils Reference Guide

The Emotions & Essential Oils book and reference materials are a stunning companion to any oil collection to help yourself and your loved ones to harness the supportive nature of essential oils. Learn how to align physiological and emotional responses to help shift stubborn patterns and create the life you want to live!

For a comprehensive list of where to buy:

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Aromatherapy Tools & Supplies
You’ve got the oils, now you need the tools to support your transition to a healthy, low-tox lifestyle.

AromaTools is a popular go-to for reusable glass bottles, jars, and rollerballs, as well as storage, books and other resources to take your essential oil experience to the next level.

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Other Australian suppliers include:

(Please note: we are not affiliated with any seller, these are simply recommendations)

Source To You – Co-Impact Sourcing Initiative
Curious about dōTERRA’s sourcing and Co-Impact initiatives? Read on…

Did you know that dōTERRA sources from where the plants thrive most? Yep! They do this so they can work with local growers and distillers to offer the absolute highest quality product to you at home whilst also protecting the jobs of thousands around the world.

Plus, you can access the quality report of every bottle you’ve purchased! How cool is that?

Learn more at:

The Healing Hands Foundation – giving back with every order
dōTERRA’s Healing Hands Foundation has been supporting communities worldwide since 2012. Raising funds through donations and sales of dedicated products, they’ve been able to partner with incredible organisations such as Days for Girls and Operation Underground Railroad to make a huge difference in the lives of many women, men, and children.

Learn more at:

Essential Oil Starters – Facebook Group
Tips, tricks, and education about practical and safe use of essential oils, open to seasoned users and curious minds alike!

All content created by Wellness Advocates for Wellness Advocates // Managed by Team Bliss.

This group provides daily education and fun oiled-up inspo from our team of leaders. Check back in daily for tips on all-natural skin care, diffuser blends, remedies, no-tox cleaning, essential oil-infused recipes, pure-fumes, the latest science and more.  Use the search function to find info on your specific questions, and check out the support resources albums.

Our team is collaborating continuously to make this space one of your favourite oily resources, as well as a strong community.

Check it out at

Online Resources

I love the following websites for essential oils info:

Dr Eric Z – for all things essential oils including well researched and referenced articles, safety information, DIY recipes and more.

The Essential Midwife – for info on essential oils during pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.

Clancy Allen Empowered Birth – the name says it all!  Birth related info including doula services, yoga, kinesiology, and essential oils, and this article in particular is a great resource on Essential Oils for Birth.