Essential Oils

Essential oils.  They’ve gained in popularity immensely over the past 10 years, and you’ll find an abundance of information about them online and in books new and old.  Different people use and approach them in varying ways, with different focuses and purposes, from household cleaning to spiritual support.  Personally, I employ them for a range of uses, but what I’m most passionate about in relation to essential oils is sharing them with others as a beautiful and effective natural alternative to the plethora of synthetic chemicals found in so many of the products we use in our everyday lives, which cause a slow and insidious decline in our health.

So what exactly are essential oils?

Essential oils (which actually aren’t technically oils, though they are lipid soluble – aka mix with fats/oils) are pure extracts taken from various parts of various plants, known as volatile aromatic compounds – volatile means that they evaporate into the air easily, aromatic means that they have a fragrance, and compounds means that they are a mix of natural chemical constituents (that’s about as science-y as I’m gonna get here!).  These compounds can be found in seeds, roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, bark, or trunks of various different plant life, and they’re there to serve that plant in a specific way, such as to help them repel insect predators, resist microbial attack, heal damage caused by herbivores, protect them in weather extremes, or to attract pollinators.  The beauty of modern scientific methods means that we can extract these essential oils, bottle them, and use them for our own advantage.  They’re incredibly potent (eg 1 drop of Peppermint essential oil provides the equivalent of 28 cups of peppermint tea!), possess no side effects, and are safe for the whole family when used appropriately.

What can they be used for?

To provide a complete answer to this would fill an entire very large book, and then some.  Instead, I’ll do my best to give you a good overview of the ways that I believe every person in every household across the globe should be using them, as an alternative to synthetic chemicals.

  • Air freshener – 4-6 drops of your favourite essential oils in a diffuser makes your home smell ah-mazing, without the thalates and other various endocrine disruptors found in store-bought air “fresheners” (more accurately air polluters – read more here).
  • Cleaning:
    • My toilet bowls sparkle and smell beautifully fresh with a simple combination of natural cleaning ingredients – bicarb soda, white vinegar, and a few drops of my chosen essential oil, which provides antibacterial properties. So much more pleasant (not to mention completely safe) compared to unnecessary bleach or other chemical-laden commercially available toilet cleaning products.
    • My kitchen surface spray is a simple combination of water, white vinegar, and essential oils. Effective, smells great, antibacterial, and doesn’t possess chemicals that can irritate airways and allergies.
    • I mop my tiled floors with a combination of hot water, white vinegar, and Peppermint essential oil (it effectively deters those pesky ants!). No chemical residues on my floors, which is especially important if you have crawling babies or kids who love to play Lego on the floor!
  • Clothes drying – if you’re into using the tumble drier, a few drops of essential oil on a dryer ball (or even a clean facecloth or tea towel) makes for incredible smelling laundry, without the major hazards of using conventionally fragranced fabric softener or dryer sheets.
  • Food flavouring – 1-4 drops per dish of food-suitable essential oils (such as Peppermint, Lemon, Orange, and Lemongrass) gives your food delish natural flavour without the need for synthetic flavourings.
  • Bathroom:
    • My foaming hand soaps and body wash are a simple (and mega inexpensive) combination of all natural and organic liquid castile soap, water, and essential oil, without the need for any SLS/SLES (skin irritants and water pollutants), parabens, phthalates or phenoxyethanol, (known endocrine disruptors i.e. they mess with your hormones).
    • There are DIY options for shampoo and conditioner using essential oils and other natural ingredients, or products with essential oils and all natural ingredients (be sure to do your research, green-washing is totally a thing!).
    • Skin care can be a playground for getting creative with a few simple ingredients and some essential oils suited to your specific skin concerns. Again, plenty of natural pre-made options available, but read the ingredients and do your research.
    • I keep my oral hygiene super simple – bicarb soda mixed with essential oils sprinkled on my toothbrush.
    • Deodorant – so many DIY options using natural ingredients and essential oils, or natural products are available. No need to douse your body with aluminium which prevents the natural detoxification pathways of sweat (you really don’t want to be keeping the garbage circulating in your system!), or hormone disrupting phthalates aka fragrance.
  • Natural medicine cabinet: how about I just tell you about what I do not buy from the pharmacy or supermarket for my family, due to toxicity concerns and undesirable side effects:
    • Anti fungal preparations.
    • Cold and Flu products.
    • Pain relief.
    • Fever relief.
    • Muscle rubs.
    • Anti-bacterial wipes/gels/soaps.
    • Laxatives or digestive support.
    • Pimple treatments.
    • Insect repellent.
    • Antihistamines
    • Throat lozenges.
    • Mouth wash.
    • Breath freshener.
    • Antiseptic/disinfectant.
    • Energy drinks.
    • Hormonal support.
  • Stress management and mood/emotion support – this is where the “magic” of essential oils shine – a simple inhalation from the bottle has the power to calm, soothe, or uplift instantly.
  • Whilst (some) coffee (think fair trade, certified organic, mould-free) may not be all bad, it’s a no-go zone for many of us due to its stimulant effects and resultant implications for sleep and our nervous system. And we all know about the post-sugar slump.  I love to use specific essential oils to support focus, clarity, energy and pep instead – without the crash afterwards.
  • Perfume – essential oils are the perfect natural fragrance, you can choose from single essential oils, pre-made blends, or create your own bespoke combination. I’ll never again go anywhere near a conventional perfume, which is loaded with chemicals, including hormone disrupting phthalates (designed to make the fragrance last longer).

Why dōTERRA?

Sadly, all brands of essential oils are not equal.  So much of what you’ll find on the shelves are synthetic versions (which might smell ok, but don’t include all the other benefits, let alone the side-effects of the synthetic chemicals used), or diluted, or contaminated.  Whilst there are some brands that sell 100% pure essential oils, and maybe even certified organic, they may be severely lacking in the usual therapeutic properties due to where they’re grown, and how they’re harvested and extracted.

I stand behind dōTERRA essential oils 100%, for the following reasons:

  • All of the plants are grown, harvested and distilled in their native habitat or wherever in the world they best thrive. A superior plant produces a more potent and superior essential oil.
  • Every single batch of every single essential oil undergoes multiple, verified third party testing, to ensure purity and potency requirements. The test reports are readily available to consumers via the internet so that you can be sure that your specific bottle of essential oil contains exactly what it states, with the expected potency, without any contamination such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides.  It’s like a guarantee that I’m getting the best essential oil available in the world.
  • It goes beyond the oils – dōTERRA is an ethical company with a focus on not only their customers, but their staff, their suppliers and their local communities, sustainability and the planet.

dōTERRA source their oils from over 40 countries, more than half of which are developing nations.  This gives them an amazing opportunity to help these communities thrive with the Co-Impact Sourcing business model.  They have the best plant in the world, and dōTERRA have the biggest market for it.  Everyone wins.  Vetiver essential oil is a great example.  It’s sourced in Haiti – the poorest country in the western world – and through the partnership, dōTERRA are able to create jobs and opportunities for these people, as well as better look after the earth by teaching sustainable practices.

On top of that, dōTERRA then swoops on in with its non-profit arm, Healing Hands, which is largely funded by small donations from wellness advocates just like me. Healing Hands provides humanitarian work for these communities. Not only does dōTERRA partner with them in providing the best, safest, most pure and powerful essential oils on the planet, but they’re able to empower these folks with what they need most. In Haiti, it’s clean water. In Somalia, where we source our Frankincense, it’s schooling. In Bulgaria, it’s education to young orphans who are transitioning into adulthood, so they’re not susceptible to trafficking, depression and suicide.

You might like to check out these BEAUTIFUL videos:

So, I’m pretty in love with this company, if you haven’t already guessed 🙂

How to get dōTERRA into your household

You have a few options when it comes to getting your hands on some dōTERRA essential oils:

  • Purchase retail, via this link then click Shop.
  • Open a wholesale account – this is my recommendation! You receive:
    • 25% discount off retail prices
    • access to promotions
    • the option to join the Loyalty Rewards Program where you are rewarded for monthly purchases – think product points that can be redeemed for dōTERRA products, shipping reimbursed in product points, free product of the month, and more (conditions apply).
  • Another great option to get started is to have me come and teach an “Introduction to Essential Oils” class for you and your friends, family or colleagues. I come to you and teach a 2 hour class where you will learn more about essential oils, and how to use them safely and effectively in a fun and relaxed setting.  I bring all of my oils with me so you get to experience them for yourself, and I’ll even bring a yummy essential oil infused treat for everyone to sample.  As a thank you for hosting a class, you’ll receive a thank you gift from me, and you also have the opportunity to be compensated for hosting by way of earning commissions on any orders placed by those you invite – this means that you could potentially get some or all of your essential oils for free!  If you’re outside of Melbourne and surrounds, we can arrange a class either online or with another team member on my behalf.  For more info about how this works, or to book in your own class, get in touch with me at or schedule a call here.

It’s also import to understand that when you join dōTERRA through me, you don’t just get the oils, you get us! My team and I will provide you with epic support to ensure you feel confident and inspired to use your oils every single day. I’m here to introduce you and the oils to one another (you’ll be besties in no time!) and to ensure you’re getting the most from your wholesale membership. You’ll receive resources, access to our customer Facebook group, and you and I will also schedule a 1:1 Wellness Consult after you receive your oils, so that I can personally ensure that you:

  • feel confident in knowing which oils to reach for;
  • feel empowered and educated on how to use them safely;
  • have the oils you need for you specific requirements.

Would you like to jump on the phone and chat about things a bit further? I’d love that.

Schedule a chat with me here, and we’ll explore your desires, what you want out of life, what’s important to you, & how the oils may be able to assist you with that. If none of those times work for you, let me know and we’ll work out an after-hours time that suits you.

If you’re ready to purchase, you can click here.